Writing the College Admission Essay

A good essay written on admissions will help you to stand out from the pool of applicants with similar grades and SAT scores. A collage application contains lots of information about you, such as grades, recommendations, lists of your sports and extracurricular activities and scores. This will give the admission officers a picture of your accomplishments and abilities.

However when you write an essay about yourself, which will give an information about what you think of yourself and the collage you have applied for. This is what admission officers want to see in your essay. You are writing an essay in your own words. It is designed to show your writing ability to its own advantage.

In your essay you can show that how hardworking you are. And why you are the best candidate to get selection, and what makes you different.

When you start thinking about the essay ideas , you should be reflective. You can put across many ideas such as; how do you see the world? And how it is different from others views. Write about your aspirations and dreams. You can mention about people influenced you to shaping up your personality and views. Your hobbies, and who do you care more? etc.

After collecting the ideas give a strong introduction. Expand your views with support and references. Give a good conclusion. Edit and proof read whatever you have written.