Your master’s thesis in the company: jobs, salary + cover letter

Published on December 18, 2018 Mandy Theel. Date updated: July 2nd, 2019

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The Master’s thesis in the company the ideal start to your career to be.

Often written master working with companies in economic or technical studies. However, master work can fit into a company on other programs.

It is crucial in finding a topic that provides both professional and academic value.

We’ll show you how to find the perfect spot for your Master’s thesis and as with your application, nothing can go wrong.


Advantages and disadvantages of your master’s thesis in the company

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The Master’s thesis in a company that can lift your thesis to the next level and you open professional doors. At the same time, this entails risks and unexpected challenges.

You should first weigh the pros and cons and decide whether a master’s thesis in the company offers for you.

pros and cons of a master’s thesis in the company Practical experience
Connect theory and practice by looking you develop best with real company data forschst.Im case strategies or solutions that apply within the company.

You will also collect professional experience and improve your professional skills. Potential conflicts
Since you have two caregivers (companies and universities), expectations can unterscheiden.Während for the company rather the results of your thesis are of interest, it is for your college academic work.

Complete clear communication (organizing z. B. a meeting) and thus avoid conflicts.

Depending on your job the working hours that you are doing in the company, vergütet.Das monthly salary is between 500 € and 1,300 €. Privacy
working with confidential company data may werden.Stelle to the challenge, therefore, in any case, before sure which company data is made available to you and whether you need a lock note.

In the event of an embargo may cause conflicts of interest with your university. Check here the requirements for your master’s thesis.

Use the Master’s thesis as a start to your professional career. Meet your future manager know and convince them of you! Even if you should then do not work in the company, a master’s thesis in the company is in any case a plus in your resume! Zeitintesität
the application process for your master’s thesis in the company often takes a long time Anspruch.Außerdem can be difficult to combine work in the company and the actual writing of the thesis it often.

Depending on how high is your work, it can happen that you write your Master’s thesis on weekends only.

Benefits disadvantages

Check the specifications of your college

Before you start the Master’s thesis in the company, you need to check the conditions of your college.

Question at your university to see if it is possible that you write your Master’s thesis in a company. This always requires a separate agreement with the university.

Often provides you your college specific information documents are available such. As the leaflet for the award and processing external Bachelor and Master theses of the University of Munich.

There are explains important details about the specifics of a master’s thesis in the company. That need to be fixed in the contract usually. This includes:

  • influence of the company on the subject and the methods
  • to the required corporate data li confidentiality of corporate data, such. For example, by a lock note
  • information

Scientific writing style

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Our Scribbr correctors in your Master’s thesis:

  • expression
  • and grammar errors
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  • the right master’s thesis jobThe hardest part often in a master’s thesis in the company is to find the right company and the right place.

    One possibility is to resort to advertised vacancies. The topic for the Master’s thesis is usually already set.

    But you can fall back either directly from the look for you interesting companies or online portals.

    online portals

    If you already have a topic idea, you can easily order initiative with a company to apply.


    Large companies often their vacancies directly below her career side.

    Note : Show in your application interest in the company. Convince it of you and your topic by you doing it clear what benefits the company from this cooperation.

    companies with master jobs

    Compensation and salary during your master thesis

    The employment contract during your Master’s thesis can look very different:

    • time
    • Student
    • style=”list-style: none”> fixed position

    The compensation for your work in the company may vary accordingly or absent altogether.

    On average, the Master’s thesis is a fee from the company between 500 € and 1,300 € per month.

    Of course, the content should not play the most important role in the choice of your company. are more important rather the possibilities and opportunities that has a master’s thesis in the company.

    Nevertheless, you can help this overview to get a feel for what the thesis is compensation.

    Compensation thesis various industries (Price High to Low)

    Industry Company Compensation (per month)
    automotive Volkswagen ca. 1297 €
    Automotive Daimler ca. 1100 €
    Business Lidl ca. 950 €
    Automotive BMW ca. 912 €
    Automotive Porsche ca. 850 €
    Management Consulting P3 group ca. 850 €
    Chemistry Evonik ca. 800 €
    Technology Bosch ca. 730 €
    Technology Dräger ca. 700 €
    Technology Harting ca. 700 €
    Research Institute Fraunhofer Gesellschaft ca. 500 €
    Food Processing Seeberger ca. 500 €

    * All payments are from Glassdor.

    working hours master’s thesis in the company

    Similar to the remuneration of the Master’s thesis can be quite different are your working hours in the company.

    working hours at the Master’s thesis in the company

    position working time per week
    full time ca. 40 hours
    intern ca. 40 hours
    Werkstudent max. 20 hours per week
    other contracts or agreements (eg. As providing data) 0-40 hours

    As you gestaltest this work can be very different and must be agreed with the company. In addition, the working time can be influenced by how much you are still involved in lectures and tests your studies.

    Often you lead during its normal activities in the company and write your thesis outside of your working hours.

    Another possibility, however, is that you, the company only makes the data available and you are irregular in attendance (for z. B. agreements) in the company, therefore.

    The application of your master’s thesis in the company

    Have you found a suitable job for your thesis? Then it is now time to convince the company of your application.

    This is one in your application master’s thesis:

    Application to a tendered job

    On advertised positions you apply a rule with a letter and your Resume .

    In your letter it comes to introduce yourself and your motivation. There is usually one to two A4 pages long and should be similar to a letter of motivation organized:

    • (here you stand shortly before)
    • part (explain your experiences and motivation)
    • (summarize your main arguments together)

    unsolicited application

    Have you found a suitable job and already an idea for a thesis topic? Then apply the initiative at a company.

    The Unsolicited your master’s thesis consists of a letter your Resume and possibly a Exposé of your master’s thesis.

    In your speculative application of your thesis you need to convince them that your master’s thesis provides an added value to it, the company also.

    In addition to your motivation and your experience you should provide answers to the following questions:

    1. the company has it? data or trade secrets of the company at risk? extent to which employees are involved for the care of the thesis?

    Your master’s thesis as a career start

    In many cases, a master’s thesis in the company, the first step in your professional career. The company is familiar with your personality and your skills – the ideal conditions for the start of your career


    The larger the value of your thesis for the company, the higher are your chances of further cooperation and thus perhaps your first job!

    The next step could therefore be, for example, that you apply the results of your thesis within the company and puts into practice. Who would be better suited as a research person himself?

    Do your advantages over other competition ends aware of and use these benefits to start in your professional career!

    Checklist: Your master’s thesis in the company posts

    You’ve weighed the pros and cons.

    You have the specifications of your university assessment (publication, copyright, data protection).

    You’ve found the ideal job for your Master’s thesis.

    You’ve advertised yourself to an advertised position or intiativ.

    The details of your remuneration is contractually fixed.

    You have your working hours discussed with your company and know the times at which you believe your Master’s thesis can work (possibly weekends).

    You know how you can use your master’s thesis in the company for your career start.

    Congratulations on your master’s thesis in the company! Still use the other checklists to improve your Master’s thesis.